FPS provides comprehensive treatment planning and a range of treatment services for children, adolescents and adults who engage in problematic sexual, aggressive and antisocial behaviors. Treatment is provided in an empirically informed, strengths-based, holistic framework that is tailored according to the risk, needs, and responsivity of our clients. Our treatment approach is person-, child- and family-centered and attachment-informed, and includes cognitive-behavioral, self-regulation and solution-focused methods. Because our clients tend to be largely influenced by the many systems and individuals with whom they interact (such as family, child welfare, school, justice, mental health and support systems), we practice within a multisystemic framework that promotes and cultivates collaboration and teamwork. Therefore, regular team meetings are another important form of intervention that we use.

Within our multisystemic therapeutic approach, treatment modalities offered include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Play therapy
  • Parent/caregiver consultation
  • Group therapy
  • Family counseling
  • Behavioral consultation
  • Indigenous traditional healing, teachings and ceremonies
  • Psychosexual and arousal re-conditioning
  • Community Integration Manager (CIM) support services