Practice Philosophy


The foundation of our practice is the belief that all human beings are inherently worthwhile and important; individuals who engage in harmful and criminal behavior are members of our community who need to be encouraged and supported to live in the community in a responsible and safe manner. We believe people have the capacity to change in response to a therapeutic approach that balances accountability, limit setting, and a goal orientation with nurturing support and genuine caring.

The treatment delivered by FPS is cognitive-behavioural in its orientation and follows a self-regulation model, however we emphasize a holistic model of intervention attending to the cognitive, behavioural, emotional and spiritual dimensions of the clients we treat. Additionally, the therapeutic approach recognizes and attends to the context and various needs in an individual’s life (connection, self-efficacy, belonging, etc.), rather than focusing exclusively on the individual’s acting out or criminal behaviours in isolation from the multidimensionality of their lives.

The approach at FPS attends to the individual’s behaviour within the greater understanding of his/her history, family environment, life circumstances and the needs they have attempted to meet through destructive, ineffective and harmful means. It is our contention that this broader and more holistic approach facilitates healthy development in children and adolescents and supports individuals to manage their risk and remain offence free over time, assisting them in becoming productive and contributing members of the community with an enhanced quality of life.