Healthy Homes


In one’s journey to a healthier and safer life, finding a living environment that is affordable, safe, and healthy is often difficult. A number of our clients do not have the skills, knowledge and/or opportunities to live independently in healthy ways. FPS Healthy Homes provide therapeutic residential options in which the housing environment is an extension of the overall treatment programming provided for clients. FPS currently offers Healthy Home Healthy Home placements in home and apartment settings at various levels of intensity of services (from independent living with staff support to a staffed home). This allows us to meet the varied needs of clients referred to FPS and to create an opportunity for movement from one level of service to another based on the individual’s level of functioning.

With the emphasis on individual growth and creating community, clients stay in healthy, positive, safe home environments where, with the support of staff and each other, they are able to learn to manage their lives in a positive way and work together to develop the skills and knowledge to transition to independent living. Residents receive regular support and in-house programming provided by our RMSS and CIMs.

Healthy Homes Brochure