Community Support


FPS Community Integration Manager Services

Community Integration Managers (CIMs) work in concert with the FPS psychologists and therapists to address a range of practical life skills and provide therapeutic and risk management oriented supports in the community.

The goals of CIM support include:

  • Providing strategic support
  • Guidance & direction
  • Role modeling & mentoring
  • Relationship & community building
  • Skill building in real world settings
  • Reinforcing treatment and risk management issues
  • Enhanced monitoring (therapeutic/risk)
  • Delivery of reinforcement, rewards and boundary setting
  • Exposure to pro-social recreational & leisure activities
  • Challenging antisocial attitudes/values/behaviours
  • Creating opportunities for success/self efficacy
  • Teaching problem solving skills
  • Exposure to cultural activities
  • Identity development
  • Crisis intervention
  • Advocacy

CIMs provide a host of supports including but not restricted to:

  • Community adjustment and integration
  • Finding appropriate housing
  • Facilitating referrals to educational and employment resources
  • Managing health care needs
  • Development of adaptive life skills
  • Delivering recreational, music, art & craft, horticultural and outdoors programming
  • General counseling and support
  • Liaising with professionals involved in the case