Clinical Team


Lawrence Ellerby

Dr. Ellerby has been involved in the development and delivery of programs for the assessment and treatment of violent and sexual offenders since 1987. With a doctorate in psychology from the University of Manitoba, Dr. Ellerby is a registered psychologist specializing in forensic psychology. He is a consultant for the Canadian Child Protection Center, a trainer for the Canadian Police College and a Lecturer for the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Manitoba.

Dr. Ellerby has worked extensively with Aboriginal people who have been involved in the criminal justice system and has worked with traditional healers to blend western treatment with cultural spiritual healing. His clinical interests have long focused on issues relevant to the treatment of sexual and violent offenders with specific topics including: the importance of the therapeutic alliance in offender treatment; the use of a holistic model of treatment; treatment and risk management with sexual murders and sexual sadists; issues related to the impact of working with violent and sexual offenders on criminal justice and mental health professionals; and how to maintain wellness working in this challenging field.

He has published articles and book chapters related to these topics and given invited addresses in Canada, the United States and Europe. Dr. Ellerby is the recipient of the Canadian Criminal Justice Association’s National Crime Prevention Award for his practice’s innovative contributions to sexual offender treatment. As of January 2010 Lawrence commences a two year term as the President of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA).

David Kolton

Dr. Kolton is a registered psychologist practicing in the areas of clinical and forensic psychology whose clinical experience includes specializing in forensic assessment and treatment of individuals in conflict with the law. He has specific experience and expertise with high risk/high need offenders and providing clinical services to mentally disordered offenders. Prior to joining FPS on a full-time basis in 2006, Dr. Kolton held a position as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Clinical Health Psychology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba. He worked clinically in the position of Forensic Clinical Psychologist based at the Health Sciences Centre and the Selkirk Mental Health Centre.

Dr. Kolton had also previously been employed as a psychologist with the Correctional Service of Canada at the Regional Psychiatric Centre in Abbotsford, BC and at Stony Mountain Institution, just outside of Winnipeg. Dr. Kolton completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Manitoba and graduated with his doctorate from the Clinical Psychology Program at Simon Fraser University. His clinical and research interests include violence risk assessment, coercion into treatment, community risk management implementation, and high-risk mentally disordered offender assessment and treatment.

Daniel Rothman

Dr. Rothman is a registered clinical and forensic psychologist and formerly an Assistant Professor in the Department of Clinical Health Psychology, College of Medicine, at the University of Manitoba. He specializes in the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents and adults with sexual, aggressive and antisocial behavior problems and has provided assessment, consultation, and treatment services in child protection, hospital, and correctional settings. He has served as an advisor to child welfare and forensic mental health programs in Manitoba, Ontario and British Columbia and, as a member of the Adolescent Guidelines Committee of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA), co-authored the ATSA Practice Guidelines for Assessment, Treatment, and Intervention with Adolescents Who Have Engaged in Sexually Abusive Behavior.

Dr. Rothman has special interests in the roles of trauma, attachment and autism spectrum disorders on child development; multisystemic and holistic approaches to intervention and risk management for high-risk youth; and how to tailor therapeutic relationships to enhance clinical outcomes. He has written articles and book chapters on these and other topics and frequently provides training for child welfare, mental health and criminal justice professionals locally, nationally and internationally.

Bobbi Walling

Dr. Bobbi Walling is a registered psychologist who joined the FPS team on a full time basis in 2011. She received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Manitoba in 2012 and completed her clinical residency at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto in 2010. Dr. Walling’s previous experience has included psychological assessment, treatment, and consultation services at St. Boniface General Hospital, Grace Hospital, community mental health centers, and Stony Mountain Institution.

Dr. Walling specializes in the assessment and treatment of youth with sexual and aggressive behaviour problems and consultation with families around managing behaviours of concern. She currently provides a range of psychological assessment and treatment services for both youth and adults, and co-facilitates treatment groups for adult offenders. Her clinical experiences include forensic risk assessments, assessment and treatment of children and adults with anxiety and mood disorders, psychological assessment of individuals seeking sex reassignment surgery, and diagnostic assessments and individual and group treatment of high risk offenders, male Internet offenders and developmentally delayed men with sexual behaviour problems. She has also provided individual and group intervention for couples experiencing abuse dynamics/violence in their relationship.

Laura Jakul

Dr. Jakul is a registered clinical psychologist practicing in the areas of clinical and forensic psychology. She completed her clinical residency at the Yale University School of Medicine and graduated with her Ph.D. from the University of Manitoba. She has previously provided psychological assessment, consultation and treatment services at St. Boniface General Hospital, the Grace General Hospital, for the Correctional Service of Canada at Stony Mountain Institution, for the Assiniboine Psychological Group, and for the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Dr. Jakul’s forensic experience includes violence risk assessment, treatment for high-risk offenders, evaluations for fitness to stand trial, substance abuse assessment and treatment, and assessment and treatment for developmentally delayed offenders. She currently provides a range of psychological assessment and treatment services for individuals with sexual and aggressive behaviour problems and other major mental health issues. Her forensic research and clinical interests focus on individuals with histories of trauma, severe mental illness, substance abuse problems, the role of psychological resilience in recovery, mindfulness, and individuals in conflict with the law for sexual offending, domestic abuse or other violent charges.

Jason Brancewicz-Lloyd

Mr. Jason Brancewicz-Lloyd is a therapist serving the Westman area who is involved in the treatment and assessment of high risk and high need individuals. He has been involved in the treatment and assessment of adolescent, developmentally delayed and adult male individuals struggling with sexual behaviour problems since 1996 and has worked with individuals, groups and families in the treatment and assessment of sexual abuse. Mr. Brancewicz-Lloyd came to FPS with experience working in the child welfare system, criminal justice system and private agencies offering services to high need individuals. He graduated from Brandon University in 2006 with a Bachelor of First Nations and Aboriginal Counselling and in 2010 graduate with his Masters of Education in Guidance and Counselling. Mr. Brancewicz-Lloyd’s clinical interest rests in the assessment and treatment of developmentally delayed individuals and youth struggling with sexual behaviour problems. He is also interested in the impact of trauma on child development, the development of pedophilic interest in adults, the treatment of child pornography offenders and the treatment of denied child abuse in family reunification.

Cristina Dueck

Ms. Dueck is a part-time therapist with FPS serving the Westman area. She has provided clinical services to children, youth and adults with various, and typically high needs for over nine years. Cristina graduated from Augustana University College in 2003 with her bachelor of arts in psychology and in 2010 with her masters in counselling psychology from Lethbridge University. Her practice, training and clinical expertise includes supporting clients address issues related to emotion management (anxiety, depression, stress, anger), trauma and behavioural management. Cristina’s clinical practice involves an integrated and eclectic approach to therapy, utilizing the therapeutic modalities that best fit for the individual client and issues being addressed. This has included using modalities such as art and play therapy, photography in therapy and practicing from a culturally informed perspective. Cristina believes that individuals need to be nurtured, educated and empowered in order to make changes and that self-discovery and acceptance is key in an individual’s healing process. 

Chyanne Kehler

Ms. Chyanne Kehler is a clinician who is experienced in the assessment and treatment of forensic clients in both community and correctional settings.  Chyanne obtained her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Winnipeg in 2005. She then moved to Australia where she completed her Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Psychology from the University of New England in 2008. After nine years of living and working in Australia and in New Zealand, Chyanne returned to Winnipeg in 2014. In 2015, Chyanne completed her Master of Forensic Psychology from the University of New South Wales.

In addition to her forensic work, Chyanne has worked in statutory child protection and in investigating allegations of employee misconduct/corrupt conduct. Chyanne has also contributed to research; she is a credited author of two published articles about opiate use.


Kasmira Sobkow

Dr. Sobkow is a registered clinical and forensic psychologist. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of La Verne in southern California, completed her clinical residency at Saint Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, D.C., and completed advanced forensic training through a postdoctoral fellowship in forensic psychology at Patton State Hospital in southern California. Dr. Sobkow has experience in the assessment and treatment adult females and males who have been in conflict with the law. She has specific expertise in the assessment and treatment (individual and group therapy) of developmentally delayed and severely mentally disordered offenders, high-risk offenders, and individuals with sexual behaviour problems. Dr. Sobkow’s forensic practice includes violence and sexual violence risk assessments, and evaluations for fitness to stand trial, criminal responsibility, and fitness for duty.

Prior to joining FPS, Dr. Sobkow provided psychological assessment, treatment, and consultation for community mental health centres in the greater Los Angeles area, the California Department of Corrections, and the State of California Department of State Hospitals-Patton, the largest forensic psychiatric hospital in the US.

Dr. Sobkow has special interests in multisystemic and culturally informed approaches to treatment and risk management, as well as trauma informed intervention and risk management specific to female offenders.


Laura Dutfield

Laura Dutfield is a child and adolescent therapist with experience providing treatment and assessment to high-risk and high-need clients in community-based settings, residential treatment and private practice. She completed her undergraduate degree at McGill University and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Counselling Psychology.

She provides a range of services including assessment and treatment for children and adolescents who have struggled with mental health challenges, experienced trauma and demonstrate externalizing behaviour. Laura believes in a culturally-informed, holistic approach that integrates  theoretical orientations that are best suited for each individual’s unique needs.


Blair Motluk

Blair Motluk is a registered clinician whose work has specialized in the areas of trauma and post-traumatic stress injuries; traumatic brain injuries; emotional regulation with an emphasis on anxiety, depression and anger; addictions, and supporting clients struggling with aggressive and sexual behaviour problems. Blair obtained her Masters in Forensic Psychology from the University of Denver, Colorado, and her undergraduate degree from the University of British Columbia. Blair has a background in providing therapeutic services for fire and emergency response workers, law enforcement personnel and individuals at risk of, or who have been, in conflict with the law. She applies a holistic, person centred approach to therapy and believes this to be one of many avenues for fostering growth and psychological health and wellness.